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2021 Prices (Whitetail Deer Hunts)

2 & 4 Day packages are available!!!!

Archery Hunts w/o lodging w/ lodging
1-Day $425.00 $450.00
3-Day $1125.00 $1200.00
5-Day $1475.00 $1600.00
6-Day $1650.00 $1800.00


Muzzle Loader w/o lodging w/ lodging
1-Day $425.00 $450.00
2 1/2 Day $950.00 $1000
3-Day $1175.00 $1250.00
5-Day $1475.00 $1600.00
6-Day $1650.00 $1800.00


Gun Season w/o lodging w/ lodging
1-Day $425.00 $450.00
2 1/2 Day $950.00 $1000
3-Day $1175.00 $1250.00
5-Day $1475.00 $1600.00
6-Day $1650.00 $1800.00


                  NON HUNTER FEE  $75/ DAILY

Arrival Time is after 6 pm!!!!!!!!!! 2 1/2 Day hunters either hunt mon -wed morning, or thurs – sat morning. Check out is at noon!!! 3 Day hunters hunt Mon-Wed, check out thurs morning, or hunt Thur-Sat, check out Sun morning!!! 5 Day hunters will arrive Sun evening after 5 pm, hunt M-F evening, head out Saturday morning!!! 6 Day hunters will arrive Sun evening after 5 pm, hunt M-S, check out Sunday morning!!!

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2021 Bear Hunts

Gun Season Only w/  lodging
3-Day Hunt DISMAL SWAMP $4K/ 5K opening weekend


People across North America thrive on going Bear hunting and want to kill a BIG BEAR. NC is home to the largest wild Black Bears in the world. I’ve been turning down bear hunters for too long now!! We just don’t have the numbers of bear here in Hertford county like they do on the coast. So, being that said, several years ago I became a booking agent/ partnered up with a great friend of mine in Gates/Pasquotank Co. on DISMAL SWAMP REFUGE.. This refuge is 400,000 acres of unharmed land so the number of Black Bears are endless. we have got over 2500 acres that border this refuge! The hunting is phenomenal!!  This also allows bear to reach weights of over 900 lbs. Bear are so thick in numbers and are so massive, it draws professional hunters to our state like Jim Shockey and Jim Zumbo, and Donald Trump Jr to these areas yr after yr!!! We are excited about this new Bear Lodge for our clients and believe that it is just going to keep growing!!! Dismal Swamp offers 100% success on sightings of bear and your shot opportunity. We do not guarantee a giant bear. The patient ones that do not shoot first day usually end up with bigger bear. Only 4 weeks in our season so spots are always limited. Dont wait and think about it, pick up the phone and call before its too late!!!


2021 Main Lodge Deer/Bear Combo Hunts

Gun Season Only w/o lodging w/ lodging
3-Day Combo $1375.00 $1400.00
6-Day Combo $1850.00 $2000.00


Due to recent law changes in North Carolina, we no longer charge our guest to harvest a Black Bear at THE MAIN LODGE. You must book a deer hunt during one of the bear seasons and have a valid bear E-tag. The state no longer allows us to bait(processed) or use scents, so the success of killin a bear off stand has dropped dramatically in hertford/bertie counties. We see bear on a regular basis through our trail cam photos, but without a little scent out there its tuff to get the nocturnal animals to move before dark. Most hunters that book deer/bear combos are here for big bucks and in hopes of bagging a FREE bear too!!! When your ready to try for a bear, just let your guide know prior and we will do our best to get you in the right area for better success!! Like over a PEANUT or CORN field or deep in the brush… IF YOU REALLY WANT A BEAR, BOOK DISMAL SWAMP AND YOU WILL KILL ONE..

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2021 Prices (Wild Boar)

Summer Season Only w/o lodging w/ Lodging/Meals
1-Day $ $
6-Day $ $

Not Booking Hog Hunts For 2021/22 Season!!  FREE WHEN/IF YOU SEE ONE….

2021/22 Prices (Waterfowl Hunts)

Here at Cutawhiskie Creek when it comes to Waterfowling, we do it all no matter what the forecast is..We hunt from Currituck to Pamlico Point and every River in between. We have nice duck Blinds in various locations, we Brush Blind hunt on edges of marsh for added concealment, and we also have recently aquired a duck impoundment. Migratory birds seem to flare at Box Blinds more late in the season so we hunt the marsh or the impound. What North Carolina really has to offer is the variety of ducks that migrate heavily through the east coast of the state.. Ranging from Teal, Widgeon, Pintail, Mallard, Woodies, and all the species of divers. The scenery where we hunt isnt hard to take either. Whether it be the comrodery in the marsh when the birds arent flying or when im calling and maneuvering birds into shooting range, Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters is the guide service for you!!! $200 for 1/2 Day Duck Hunt $375 for Full Day Duck Hunt $375 for Duck/Swan Combo Hunts No Meals or Lodging Included Reservations for Lodging Provided. We usually stay within 5-10 minutes from boat ramp or Timber. Restaurants close by. Guide will be staying and eating with clients!! We stay in various motels during the waterfowl season, but typically stay at the best!! Info below for travel arrangements! Just tell them your hunting with Cutawhiskie Creek and he’ll get you rigged up!!!

Dalton House Motel

 109 Ramp Rd. 

Columbia,NC 27925

(252) 796-0381


Hyde-Away Motel

6491 NC HWY 94

Fairfeild, NC 27826

(252) 926-8101

  Hunters must apply for and receive a Swan Permit before booking a Swan Hunt!! Use the info below to apply for your Swan Permit today. Applications go on sale July 1st, deadline is Oct. 1st $10 to apply… Chances are about 90% if you apply in July!!!! 100% Success on Tundra Swan(Feild/Open Water) www.ncwildlife.org

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2021 Prices (Spring Turkey Hunts Semi Guided)

Spring Turkey w/o lodging w/ lodging
1-Day $325.00 $350.00
3-Day $925.00 $1000.00
5-Day $1375.00 $1500.00

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2021 Prices (Spring Turkey Hunts Fully Guided)

Spring Turkey w/o lodging w/ lodging
1-Day $425.00 $450.00
3-Day $1125.00 $1200.00
5-Day $1675.00 $1800.00

** Printable Format of Our Rates.

2021  Deer Hunting Season

Bow & Arrow – Sept 11 – Oct 1
Muzzle loading Firearm – Oct 2 – Oct 15
Gun Season – Oct 16 – Jan 1
(limit 6 Deer per yr)

2021 Black Bear Season

Nov 13 – Nov 21
Dec 11 – Dec 26
(limit 1 Bear per yr)

2021 Spring Turkey Season

Apr 10 – May 8
Youth Days: Apr 3 – Apr 9
(limit 1 gobbler)

2021/22 Waterfowl Hunting Season

Oct 6 – Oct 9
Nov 6 – Nov 27
Dec 18 – Jan 29, 2022
Youth Waterfowl Day: Feb 5 – Feb 12
Tundra Swan: Nov 6 – Jan 29, 2022
(limit 6 Ducks per hunt, 1 Swan per yr. w/ PERMIT)

Call Clay McPherson to book your hunt!! 252-333-2279