Best Turkey Season ever……………

Turkey season came in April 7th for youth day and April 14th for the state!!!! My 11 yr old hunter on the 7th, bagged and tagged before 9am!!!  My 2 hunters for Saturday the 14th were successful!! 1 was a newby and had never killed a bird!!!! We struggled early am, but prevailed at 330 pm!!! Other guy killed at 8 am…Had 2 hunters from MD for M-W…They bagged and tagged by Tues and went home early!!! A friend from Currituck came down and missed 4 turkeys in 2 days…. 2 with a bow, and 2 with a 12 gauge!!!! WOW is right!!!! Have had 2 more hunters since and they both killed as well!!! AWESOME YR SO FAR……..

We have been blessed with an abundance of Turkeys in Eastern NC… Lets keep it that way by following rules and regs and only taking your 2 birds a year!!!!!  NC needs a HEN SEASON BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!


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